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The Hill Hub Dartford and the Aftermath of Covid

Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail. Keeping your eye on the ball while performing a deep dive. Completely synergize resource taxing relationships via premier niche markets. Professionally cultivate one-to-one customer service with robust ideas.

Dubbed a ‘mini-Silicon Valley’ by local magazines, The Hill Hub helps businesses thrive, even in the aftermath of lockdown. From an old courthouse and police station to a professional communications hub, The Hill Hub supports its entrepreneurs’ dreams by providing workspaces and so much more.

Over at The Hill Hub, we prioritise empowering people. The pandemic has shifted everything we know about working life. Board room meetings have turned to zoom calls. Bedrooms have now become offices. And though life is returning, things do not seem to be returning to the way they were before…

But that is not a problem for us and our clients! Established in April 2021, The Hill Hub has been with its partners from the wake of Covid, through its peaks and troughs, past its final spike, and even to its epilogue. While businesses have had their struggles in the last several months, we have come through ours to have a success story.

Kelly Rose, one of our most proud clients, has set up her dream company, Kelly Rose Skin Clinic. Amidst sudden quarantine measures, she made her ideas a reality. This year she has been nominated for the Top 10 Businesswomen of the Year 2021 Awards, and we wish her more success.

A business is not just a business. The retailers and restaurants and more that Covid closed for good were bred out of ambition. The Hill Hub refuses to let potential go to waste. So, if you are holding off on a bright idea or longstanding passion because of the virus, there is no need. We would love to help your resilience and resourcefulness prosper in these trying times.

Covid is an ordeal that will take small businesses and its shareholders years to recover from. 61% of UK small business owners had serious financial concerns over the course of lockdown. In a study of 765, 82% of small business owners felt the pandemic negatively impacted their mental health.

Despite making up half the UK’s total revenue, 81% of small businesses said they did not receive enough support from the government, and 41% said they did not feel supported at all. Although restrictions have eased and things are up and running, nearly half of small businesses still worry about the potential of another lockdown.

Quarantine has especially impacted young people and marginalised communities. So, to these aspiring entrepreneurs and businessowners alike, we provide trained business mentors, Masterclass and Mastermind workshops, and networking opportunities.

In Dartford, The Hill Hub is part of a developing community that has stood strong against Corona. So, come stand strong with us.

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